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An early start on a New Year's resolution

The calendar has almost turned to twenty-eleven and best intentions of 2010 for more regular postings here have not been very effective. So, 10 days early, here is a New Year's resolution: postings here once a week or more about basic and clinical research in Down syndrome and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

My goal is to share my thoughts and opinions about recent and significant publications relevant to DS and other forms of cognitive impairment. I'll do my best to make the findings in these studies accessible to all. If I don't, please don't hesitate to post questions and comments or email me directly.

Dan Wetmore

Innovations in Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Stanford University: INDD-X

Welcome to the newly minted INDD-X website and blog!

We are a group of neuroscientists and doctors at Stanford University dedicated to understanding the causes of intellectual disability in neurodevelopmental disorders such as Down syndrome, autism, Fragile X, and more. Our labs study the basic mechanisms of brain function -- and dysfunction. But we won't stop there.

We consider it a primary goal to bring discoveries in the lab to the clinic through careful clinical trials. We strongly believe that drug therapies can reduce or resolve cognitive deficits in neurodevelopmental disorders. However, we cannot accomplish these goals alone. We have and will continue to reach out to community members, including parents, educators, doctors, and scientists to help in these efforts.

Our most successful efforts so far are related to Down syndrome, the most common form of genetically-inherited mental retardation. Dr. Craig Garner, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences here at Stanford, discovered a drug therapy that improves cognition in a mouse model of Down syndrome. For more information and to find out how you can help, visit the Garner lab website. Based on these results, we are working to design and implement a clinical trial to confirm that a similar therapy is safe and effective in individuals with Down syndrome.

We plan to post several types of content on this blog:
* Updates about a Down syndrome clinical trial
* Discussions of recent publications related to neurodevelopmental disorders intended for a non-scientific audience
* Our latest ideas about the neuroscience of neurodevelopmental disorders.
* and more...

Stay tuned!

Dr. Craig Garner, Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Nancy Pritzker Laboratory
Lab website
Faculty profile

Dr. H. Craig Heller, Lorry Lokey\Business Wire Professor of Biological Sciences
Faculty profile

Dan Wetmore, Neuroscience Program

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